• Black Nova Plus Qurk Bracelet

Black Nova Plus Qurk Bracelet

$10.00 $17.00



This lightning cable bracelet is the latest, convenient way to charge and sync your iPhone on the go! This beautiful lightning cord bracelet with top quality rhinestone crystals makes a great fashion statement. It seamlessly converts into a USB connector to charge and sync your iPhone.

Wear it as an everyday piece of jewelry and take it off whenever and wherever you need to charge your iPhone. It looks gorgeous and is a useful electronic accessory. It can recharge for iPhone 5, 5c, iPhone6, and 6s.

  • Supports charge and transfer data sync simultaneously
  • With standard USB 2.0 interface, can transfer faster and more convenient
  • 8Pin Lightning port for Apple Iphone I6, I6 plus, Apple 5, Apple 5S


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